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Julia Kane is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in NYC, currently on Jazz Faculty at Broadway Dance Center.

The Julia Kane Dance Collective in was founded in 2017, and premiered at Jazz at Lincoln Center (APAP’s Booking Dance Festival), while Julia was undergoing chemotherapy for Lymphoma. In 2019, she choreographed and presented Cultivated Chaos, her first full length concert performance with the company. Chaos sold out twice, and raised over $1k for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Along with her own choreographic work, Julia has worked as Associate Choreographer to Zanza Steinberg for ALMA NYC's debut of YELLOW, and had the pleasure of working with the company again for FECUND: A Virtual Gala. She has had the honor of assisting and working with many of BDC’s renowned faculty and mentors throughout her training, including Michelle Barber, Sheila Barker, Ginger Cox, and Jamie Salmon. 

Julia holds a BFA in dance, is a graduate of the BDC Professional Semester, and of Long Island HS for the Arts (under direction of Janice Aguilera and Shirlene Blake). As an educator, she has experience working with children as young as preschool age, as well as students of all ages with various physical and developmental disabilities. She has taught and choreographed for many studios in the surrounding NYC area, and for BDC's Children and Teens Program.


When she is not dancing, you can find Julia binge watching SVU, or trying out a new cookie recipe!


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Beg Jazz | Broadway Dance Center 


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Adv Beg Jazz | Broadway Dance Center

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Through August 9th
Beg Jumps&Turns | Broadway Dance Center 



Established in 2017, the Julia Kane Dance Collective is a project-based dance company comprised of varying artists in the NYC area. Through the company, Julia strives to captivate audiences by seamlessly combining elements of technical jazz dance with contemporary movement. Julia's choreographic work has been reviewed as “Strong, dynamic, and beautiful,” while “imbuing a sense of strength through bold, cohesive movements.”


Premiering onstage at Jazz at Lincoln Center in the Booking Dance Festival, the company has since performed at venues around NYC, including Dixon Place, Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, at the JCE Jazz Choreography Project, KLICK'T's iDance4aCure Benefit, Peridance's APEX Showcase, and The NYC Choreographer's Forum, among others.


In September 2019, Julia presented a full length show, Cultivated Chaos, to benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as PMT's Artist in Residence. The two sold out performances raised over $1,000 for Dr. Matthew Matasar's Lymphoma Survivorship Program.

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