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Julia Kane Dance Collective

Established in 2017, Julia Kane Dance Collective is a project-based dance company comprised of varying artists in the NYC area. Julia strives to captivate audiences by seamlessly combining elements of technical jazz dance with contemporary movement. The company’s work has been reviewed as “Strong, dynamic, and beautiful,” while “imbuing a sense of strength through bold, cohesive movements.”


Most recently, Julia presented (sun)BURST in partnership with Broadway Dance Center, and in collaboration with artists who have each faced a cancer diagnosis. The event raised almost $5,000 for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Kid' dance movement and therapy program, Drea's Dream. 

In September 2019, Julia and the company presented Cultivated Chaos, to benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as PMT's Artist in Residence. The two sold out performances raised over $1,000 for Dr. Matthew Matasar's Lymphoma Survivorship Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Julia Kane Dance Collective premiered onstage at Jazz at Lincoln Center in the Booking Dance Festival in 2018. Since then, they have performed at venues around NYC, including Dixon Place, Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, at the JCE Jazz Choreography Project, KLICK'T's iDance4aCure Benefit, Peridance's APEX Showcase, and The NYC Choreographer's Forum, among others. 


( S U N ) B U R S T

n o v e m b e r  7 t h ,  2 0 2 1 

Sun·burst /ˈsənˌbərst/ (noun) : a sudden brief appearance of the full sun from behind clouds.


(sun)BURST was presented by Julia Kane Dance Collective and Broadway Dance Center in collaboration with artists who have each faced a cancer diagnosis. we will be bringing light to the stories of growth within their individual cancer journeys, while raising awareness and funds for those who are still working through and towards their own.

BURST celebrated the journeys of Katie Drablos, Alyssa EpsteinJulia Kane, Marc Kimelman, Wynter Mack, Brianna Mercado, Evan Ruggiero, Nick Silverio, Jamie Salmon, and Byron Tittle.

The event included video interviews conducted, filmed, and edited by Allison Zdunczyk -- without whom the event would not have been nearly as powerful. Incredible thanks to Full Out Creative for livestreaming the event, Jenna Maslechko for photographing, and Zanza Steinberg for capturing video. Raffles were graciously donated by Alexa Rae Makeup, ATHLETA Flatiron, BDC Online, James Jin Images, MalJPet Photo, The Limit Fit, Physique 57, and Media By Z. These gracious donors helped us raise $1,000 for the family of BDC's own brain cancer fighter, 10 year old Wynter.

BURST sold out in person, and raised almost $5,000 for MSK Kid's dance and movement therapy program, Drea's Dream. 







s e p t e m b e r  7 t h,  2 0 1 9 


Cultivated Chaos was a celebratory culmination of dance to benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Choreographed by Julia Kane, a beneficiary of the world renowned care provided by MSKCC, Chaos celebrated the journey in her transition from Cancer Patient to choreographer.

Cultivated Chaos exemplified the juxtaposition that comes with confronting, challenging, and conquering a cancer diagnosis. The hectic uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis inspired the underlying theme of the show, that although not everything turns out as expected, the end result
is gratifying nonetheless.


The audience experienced a performance in three pieces, featuring work with a clear message adjacent to work with abstract meanings. . While each piece was capable of standing on their own, they were brought together to create continuity and stability, thus, Cultivated Chaos.

This show would have been nothing without support and dedication from JKDC's fourteen dancers, Julia's mentors and friends, and of course, the opportunity and production from PMT House of Dance.


The evening was made better thanks to generous contributions from our donors: Alexa Rae Makeup, City Vineyard, Classic Harbor Line, the Confetti Project, Dixon Place, New York City Wine and Food Festival, the Sugar Ridge Inn, and The Tank.